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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on your iPad FREE!

If you miss your popular word processing, spreadsheet, or presentation software on your iPad or Android tablet, suffer no more. Read my article at HERE

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dollar Shave Club? NOT.

Many have noticed a video that has gone viral about the netflix equivalent to shaving blades. You can click HERE to view. Great idea to reduce the absurd cost of razor blade cartridges, but this is entirely for the lazy and uniformed. Absolutely WihtOUTit!

Want cheap razors? Your local dollar store offer a plethora of choices. Are they any good? Of course not, but it also depends on your preference. For some, they work. The rub is that they are disposables mostly, so that is a consideration.

If you live in an area with no availability to discount stores, than perhaps DSC is for you. I doubt though for anyone except those in the most rural areas, you don't have access to cheap blades at some discount retailer. I usually find the cheapo blade quality equal to the cost. Low=Low.  But I can get a shave.

Now for the more serious, there is a deal at Costco. They sell Magnum M5 razor/cartridges. This is a 5 blade system much like the Gillette Fusion. You can get 20 blades with a handle for about $15. Do the math, and you'll see this is a far better deal than the Dollar Shave Club. In the end, it's much about preference. I would still say the Gillette Fusion system is the best, but at about 4 bucks for a Fusion cartridge, someones second best gets the job done just fine. The cost of the M5 is unparalleled. They are made by American Safety Razor, a major manufacturer. Psst - they were acquired by Wilkinson last year.

For those that use e-bay, it's nearly impossible to to know if you are getting genuine product or counterfeit. Ergo, It seems the alternative to expensive products is to find an alternative. DSC might be offering savings to you, but you can likely do better on your own locally.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My favorite PEN...and a perfect gift!

Back in the 1960s, astronauts need a writing implement that could write upside down, in extreme temperatures, and in zero gravity.  Yes, it writes upside down because the ink is not liquid, it is activated by the ball point moving against a gel-like solid.  It writes smoothly and consistently in any environmental condition. This pen is so unique, it just amazes people. It is such a great novelty gift for the person that is hard to buy for. Or, for that special person that is WithIT!

Although there are many styles, the most eye catching is the 'bullet pen'. It's a small pen that is shaped like bullet. It is small enough to put in your pocket or purse without it stabbing into something, or into your leg! You simply take the cover off the pen and put it onto the writing half, and you have a full sized pen. The bullet pen comes in different colors and finishes. The chrome plated is awesome! The flat black is also very cool. Check out the bullet pens HERE.

So the next time you need a really cool gift, the Fisher space pen might well be the thing.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

When is a used book new? At Amazon used books of course

Always check used book lists on Amazon. Many sellers have publishers overruns that sell for much less, and are still new. Even many of the used books are in new condition. Don't buy NEW before looking through USED.
Learning New Software

Learning new software is often very expensive. Why? Because you think you need to take a class, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. You might buy a book, which is less expensive than a class, but rarely is the book effective. You’ve searched, and your head nearly exploded because it was impossible to find that closely met your need. Not to mention the poor production quality.
Bookmark this site: This site offers video’s on just about any software program. The nice thing? You can subscribe by the month. About $25 gets you an unlimited amount of training for a month. Need more than a month, just continue to subscribe. Now learning software has never been easier or cheaper. You have no excuse not to learn new software, or to increase your knowledge with existing applications you might use. Word, Excel, PowerPoint are career essentials in today’s world. 
 My Printer is Driving me Bankrupt!

Learn how to reduce your printing costs. Whether a home user, or student, this 4 minute lesson can save you hundreds of dollars per year, or more! Many of use really don't need color for everyday printing needs. Printing in color using inkjet printers is just a plain waste of money. Think you can't afford a laser? Think again. Watch this video, and you'll be amazed!